The Netherlands

Peak Capital –


Peak Capital is an independent, Dutch based, Investment fund focused on seed- en early stage companies in the technology, media and communications industry.

Catawiki –

The world’s largest catalogue and auction house for collectors.


L1NDA is a brand that provides smart tools for workers and businesses in the hospitality industry. All solutions L1NDA provides put hospitality people first. Why? Well, because the happiness of hospitality professionals defines the quality of the service they provide, which defines the happiness of guests. And happy guests equals business success.

L1NDA takes care of people working in hospitality by smoothening work processes and help them find the right workplace, so they can plan and work effortlessly. With L1NDA, the many aspects of hospitality work – such as the assembly, planning and management of hospitality teams – become a social and hassle-free experience for both workers and business managers. On L1NDA’s menu, you’ll find the data-driven tools L1NDA Connect and L1NDA Planner, which power L1NDA’s mission to redefine hospitality work.

henQ –

henQ is a Dutch venture capital firm with a slightly noncomformist attitude to life and business. Based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, henQ invests in young, ambitious and innovative companies of Dutch origin or with a Dutch link. Our companies are active in the fields of Internet, e-Commerce, (mobile) Media, Analytics, Saas and Software Development. They respond to global trends or – even better – initiate them.