The Netherlands

Peak Capital –


Peak Capital is an independent, Dutch based, Investment fund focused on seed- en early stage companies in the technology, media and communications industry.

Catawiki –

The world’s largest catalogue and auction house for collectors.


L1NDA is the online solution for organizing work schedules and hour registration

L1NDA saves a lot of time and gives employers valuable business information saving up to 5% on their staff costs. L1NDA doesn’t only increase the business efficiency, but she also brings the employees closer together, creating a better atmosphere on the workplace.
L1NDA is market leader in the hospitality industry and still growing steadily.

henQ –

henQ is a Dutch venture capital firm with a slightly noncomformist attitude to life and business. Based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, henQ invests in young, ambitious and innovative companies of Dutch origin or with a Dutch link. Our companies are active in the fields of Internet, e-Commerce, (mobile) Media, Analytics, Saas and Software Development. They respond to global trends or – even better – initiate them.